Researches and Projects



this is  an image. Stability Analysis of Haptic Devices Stability Analysis of Haptic Devices with separate tracker (for tracking the operator’s finger)
this is  an image. Wheeled Soccer Robot Wheeled Soccer Robot consists of a digital camera and 3 Omni wheels mounted on 3 DC motors. Image processing and control of the robot is done using an ARM Micro controller, so that the robot shoot an orange ball on a green surface.
this is  an image. VirSense VirSense: a novel haptic device with fixed-base motors and a gravity compensation system This patented robot is employed to generate a Virtual Sense (VirSense) with fixed-base motors and a spring compensation system for counterbalancing the torques generated by the weight of the links. The fixed bases of the motors reduce the system’s effective mass and inertia, which is an important factor...
this is  an image. 7 Degree of Freedom (DOF) Manipulator Design of a 7 DOF Manipulator for MRL robotic team. This manipulator used in Iran Open 2011-2012 and Robocop 2011 (Turkey).
this is  an image. Segway Robot Control of a Segway robot with nonlinear control.
this is  an image. Inverted Pendulum on a Cart Control of an inverted pendulum on a cart using nonlinear control and Fuzzy Logic control.
this is  an image. 4 Degree of Freedom (DOF) Manipulator Design, Manufacture and control of a 4 DOF Manipulator for Resquake robotic team (K. N. Toosi University of Technology) as BS Final Project.